“Why Expats Love Malaysia”, NTV7 The Breakfast Show (Malaysia)

Nick Davison and Zana Ali are interviewed on national live TV – NTV7’s The Breakfast Show. They discussed a recent survey published by The Expat Group about expats’ likes and dislikes in Malaysia. They also discuss The Expat Group’s on-going efforts and their personal experiences of living in Malaysia. Watch the video below:
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TEG News – 2009

  May 2009 “What the licence operators have to say”, The Star (Malaysia) CEO of The Expat Group, Andy Davison, talks to The Star about Malaysia’s MM2H programme. Click here to read the full article.   April 2009 “Encouraging Companies to Set-up Headoffices in Malaysia” Andy Davison, CEO of The Expat Group, talks about the […]
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TEG News – 2008

  June 2008 “Highs and Lows of making second homes under MM2H”, New Straits Times (Malaysia) In June 2008, The New Straits Time highlighted an expat survey, by The Expat Group, on the highs and lows of making second homes under the Malaysia My Second Home programme.   April 2008 “We’ve been expating you”, New […]
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TEG News – 2007

  October 2007 “MM2H’s untapped potential is huge”, New Straits Times (Malaysia)In October 2007, Zoe Phoon of the New Straits Times spoke to the CEO of The Expat Group, Andy Davision, about the future and potential of the MM2H programme.   September 2007 “Make Malaysia your Place in the Sun”, The Telegraph (London)The British Telegraph’s […]
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